Microsoft Windows 9 Technical Preview Build 9834 demo video leaked

Microsoft Windows 9 Technical Preview Build 9834 demo video and screenshots leaked


On Thursday, 11th September 2014, 21 screenshots and a short video of Microsoft Windows 9 [currently called Windows Threshold] Technical Preview was leaked. The Technical Preview of yet to be released version of the Windows was recently distributed by the Microsoft to its partners. Screenshots were posted on two german sites ComputerBase and WinFuture and video was posted on youtube.

The new Start Menu has returned for desktop users. The Start Menu of Windows 7 and the live tiles of Windows 8 and Windwos 8.1 are now combined and the Metro Interface is also disabled on Computer PCs without a touchscreen. Video also shows off three new features – A Notification Center, Windows Metro Apps and Virtual Desktops. There are also new icons for programs like Windows Explorer.

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