5 million Gmail user accounts with passwords leaked

About 5 million Gmail user accounts with passwords leaked

Close to 4,930,000 Gmail user accounts with their passwords were leaked on Bitcoin Security Forum by a user name “tvskit“. As per the post, posted on 10th Sept 2014, there are 4,929,090 records on the text file attached and more than 60% of the records are valid.

The Gmail leak comes a day after the publication of the text file with login details of 4.66 million Mail.ru accounts and two days after the publication of the text file with usernames and passwords of about 1.26 million Yandex accounts on the same Bitcoin platform.

This was reported first by CNews, a russian news outlet. Svetlana Anurova, representing the Google Russia office, told CNews that the tech giant is aware of the breach and advised users to select a strong password and enable two-step verification [Steps to enable two way verification].  Users are also advised to change their Gmail account passwords even if their account is not the list published. Google is denying the fact that their servers were breached and suggesting that the database was formed by hackers by collecting information from malware-infected computers and the database contained outdated login information too. These account details cannot only be used with the Gmail accounts but also with host of different services such as Google Drive and the mobile payment system Google Wallet.

Google’s statement:
The security of our users’ information is a top priority for us. We have no evidence that our systems have been compromised, but whenever we become aware that accounts may have been, we take steps to help those users secure their accounts.

Users can verify whether their account was affected or not by visiting here. A previous link publicized by a number of media outlets to check user accounts is now being scrutinized.

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