How to activate 2-Step Verification for GMail

How to activate 2-Step Verification for GMail

to Gmail using 2-Factor Authentication


Online Security is now one of the most important thing to look for, especially after the reports of theft of celebrities’ private photos. Our email accounts have many important documents including our financial data and more.

Two-Step Verification is just another layer of authentication which is needed to login to your account. A strong password is always a must but having a 2-step verification enabled on your account restricts other person from accessing your account without the 2nd level of authentication. There are currently three modes of verification – which can take the form of a text message, an email, or even a paired app on your smartphone.

Activating 2-Step Verification for your Gmail Account is very simple and, as current scenario suggests, is going to be a must for all in near future. Here are the steps to activate 2-step authentication:

1. Go to Google Account Security settings tab, and under Password look for 2-Step Verification option.


2. Click on Setup and then click on Start Setup on the next page to start the setup process.



3. On the next page, enter your Phone Number and choose whether you want to receive the codes through text messages or through voice calls and click on Send Code.

2-Step-Verification-Gmail-Step-44. Now enter the six-digit verification code you received on your phone via message or a voice call [depends on what option you chose] and click on Verify to proceed.


5. Click on Next.

2-Step-Verification-Gmail-Step-66. Then, Click on Confirm.


7. Next, Google will ask you to reconnect your apps and other devices. If you have any apps on your other devices like your smartphones or tablets which access your Google Account, you will have to create a separate password for each and sign in again.


8. Your 2-Step Verification for GMail is complete.




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