Google Glass hacked by Dutch Hackers

Volkskrant, a Dutch website, has reported that Dutch Hackers have created a malware that can be used to hack into Google Glass. This Malware code can be injected into the Google Glass through a mini USB.

As per Volksrant, borrowing the Google Glass from the victim is very easy and once borrowed, the code can be injected through the mini usb, which can be inserted into the Google Glass USB Port.

Once hacked, hackers can then monitor everything the user does through a remote computer from a distance. Snaps can be taken and Videos can also be shoot without the knowledge of the victim. Victim’s confidential information like email ids and passwords can easily be hacked too after few minor modifications to the code.

This malware can be injected even through a wireless connection or even using an App on the phone that the Google Glass is connected to. This requires a modification to the code. According to the Hackers, injecting the Glass was too easy and no hardcore hacker will even bother about it.

According to Bosboom, it just took one evening and a few pizzas for a dozen hackers to come up with this scenario. “We were thinking about worst-case-scenarios with these glasses. We then came up with the idea of someone being able to view what the wearer is watching. This means that you are better off not wearing the glasses when using a cash-point or engaging in other private activities.”

The Google Spokesman speaking on the issue said –
“Security is an issue with the glasses and that in the new version, the screen will be operated by a code, like smartphone. The more feedback we get, the safer we can make the Glass ready for the wider launch later this year.”
Google adds –
“As with any other mobile device, tablet or laptop computer, users shouldn’t give Glass to someone they don’t know without locking it or any supervision. More broadly speaking, users should avoid downloading Glassware that is not available on the MyGlass destination, or debugging their device and then giving it to someone else.”

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