Facial Recognition Software for Google Glass

Facial Recognition Software Google Glass

Lambda Labs have developed a software using which a Google Glass User can look up to faces in a crowd against a computer database and get vital information regarding anyone.

The app can have a database containing any kind of information related to the person like the person’s entire medical history with his name, age and other basic information for example.

Google has always maintained that it wont allow Facial Recognition software on its Google Glass product citing privacy concerns. Though, it is possible to load Glassware onto the Glass without Google’s permission. Those can then communicate with any of a growing number of services which say they can connect a name with a face once given a photo.

Stephen Balaban, founder of Lambda Labs says –

“We have no plans to provide a global facial recognition database … that’s probably not a good idea.”

“There isn’t much point in putting out an app at present; pretty much no one has Glass,” Balaban told FoxNews.com.

Google Glass is now available in the UK through the Explorer Programme since 23rd June 2014. However, the person buying the Glass must be over 18 years and it will cost £ 1,000 for now. And, it is still up for sale in the UK only. It still remains in beta though. It is expected to come out of beta sometime this year and the Explorer Programme is set to be open in other countries as well.

There have been privacy concerns regarding Google Glass from the very beginning. Earlier also, members of Congress demanded answers from Google about such privacy concerns, in particular raising the issue of facial recognition.

Steve Lee, director of product management for Google Glass, addressed the question directly: “We’ve consistently said that we won’t add new face recognition features to our services unless we have strong privacy protections in place,”

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