Laptop Repair Service, Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Laptop Repair Service in Kolkata

Microtech Solutions presents itself as one of the best when it comes to your Laptop Repair Service. Services we provide include – motherboard restoration & alternative, keyboard alternative, CD and DVD Drive alternative, LCD pc restoration and data recovery. Other Laptop related services are strain elimination, equipment improvements, very difficult drive alternative, reminiscence & images alternative and improvements, DC supremacy jack alternative. We also provide free pick and drop facility for your laptop.


Laptop Motherboard Problem. Laptop Display / Screen Problem.
laptop motherboard problem repair service in kolkata
  1. Laptop not starting.
  2. Headphone working but not speakers.
  3. USB Port not working.
  4. Touch Pad not working.
  5. Laptop restarts after every few minutes.
  6. Liquid Damage to your laptop.
laptop display or screen problem repair service in kolkata
  1. Laptop has No Display.
  2. Laptop has Dim Display.
  3. Laptop has White Display.
  4. Laptop has Flickering Display.
  5. Laptop Screen has Horizontal or Vertical Lines.
  6. Laptop Screen broken.
Laptop Keyboard Problem. Laptop Battery Problem.
laptop keyboard problem repair service in kolkata
  1. Laptop keyboard no working
  2. Some keys not working on your Laptop Keyboard
  3. Liquid fell on Laptop Keyboard
  4. Some Laptop keys missing or broken
  5. Keyboard making noises
laptop battery problem repair service in kolkata
  1. Laptop Battery not charging.
  2. Laptop Battery not detected.
  3. Battery charging irregularly.
  4. Laptop not starting with battery.
Laptop Power Problem. Laptop Hard Disk Problem.
laptop power problem repair service in kolkata
  1. Laptop not starting.
  2. Laptop Power Adapter Problem.
  3. Laptop not charging.
  4. Laptop hangs when on charging.
  5. Laptop heating problem when on charging.
laptop harddisk problem repair service in kolkata
  1. Laptop not starting with No HDD Error.
  2. Laptop showing Blue Screen Error.
  3. Laptop Hard Disk making noise.
  4. Laptop too slow.
  5. Operating System [OS] corrupt.
  6. Machine hangs due to faulty Hard Disk.
Laptop CPU Fan Problem. Other Laptop Related Problems.
laptop cpu fan problem repair service in kolkata 2
  1. Laptop CPU Fan not working.
  2. Laptop Over-Heating Problem.
  3. Laptop CPU Fan creating noise.
  4. Bios Error showing CPU Fan not working.
  5. Machine shuts down due to overheating.
  6. Machine hangs due to overheating.
Laptop repair service in kolkata
  1. Laptop Hinge broken.
  2. Laptop body broken.
  3. Data Recovery Services from dead or faulty laptop Hard disks.
  4. Virus related Problems.
  5. DVD Drive / Optical Drive not working.
  6. Laptop CPU related problem.
  7. Supplier and trader of all types of Laptop Spare Parts [Original and Compatible].
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